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Welcome to Writeriffic Publishing Group.

Books to Enrich Life

Writeriffic Publishing Group (WPG) publishes books to enrich life by authors who are dedicated to their topics.

We want quality nonfiction and fiction titles that attract a wide range of readers with subject matter that is timeless. When a book is accepted, it’s for the long haul and we expect authors to match our commitment.

In our first decade, our company's books have been reviewed and praised in USA TODAY, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, San Diego Union Tribune and scores of others websites, e-zines, newspapers and magazines, including the Costco Connection, read by more than 21 million people.

WPG has a clear perspective of the roles and dreams of writers and publishers. We are a young, aggressive publishing firm, and our team’s focus is simple: We acquire worthwhile books and we sell books to readers. We’re careful in the selection process, as we have no mid-list titles, only those we believe are best sellers.

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